Achievable Dreams

We all have that one dream that we would love to achieve one way to reach those dreams is to set ourselves small goals A great way of doing that is to have a written plan and I have found the perfect planner for that Daily goal setter from Mal paper the daily goal setter gives you everything you need to help you achieve that one dream basedĀ over six months this stylish well-planned planner gives you different methods on reaching your goals on a day to day basis there are so many things to love about this planner. as you … Continue reading Achievable Dreams

Magnifying Book Mark

This month I received another fantastic product! from That Company called If. The Magnifying Book Mark is another fantastic product that helps promote the beauty of reading for all. This perfectly sized slim book mark is made out of a strong durable card, incased in it is a magnifying glass shaped in the style of glasses. This great product is perfect for books that have small printed wording! But not only that it’s also a great addition to help any avid reader who suffers with poor eye sight and wishes to continue enjoying the beauty of a good book in … Continue reading Magnifying Book Mark

Ask for Angela

I know that I have done a series of articles regarding the positive side of dating websites. Tonight I want to tell you about another great dating website. Tonight I would love to take the opportunity to tell you about a great dating site called Free Dating site this great site caters for everyone looking to join the dating scene again but find it hard to meet within your local area. One thing that is good about this website, is that it is free to create. You will also find category of different types of dating depending on your personal … Continue reading Ask for Angela

Hands free book holder

The Hands free book holder is another great product from That Company Called If This unique gift is perfect for any avid book lover imagine being able to read your book and have a cup of coffee at the same time. with this Holder you can read your favourite book and have a drink without having to fidddle about with both as shown below. One thing I really like about this product is its compactability. you can fold it up and put it in your pocket. which is perfect for that long train journey or even on holiday. just simply … Continue reading Hands free book holder

Ageless Dating

I wanted to continue our conversation about the dating scene. In recent years the dating industry has really become a lifeline for the older generation looking for that someone special. Ladies and gentlemen over the age of 40 have been finding dating sites a great way to meet people their own age with the hope of finding love. Another great factor about dating sites for the 40+ singletons is it can remove the fear of location and not being able to find that someone who you could create a memorable loving life with one such website is called So … Continue reading Ageless Dating

IT Solutions

As a business one of the main concerns is making sure that your computer systems stay active. But for the smaller companies having a inhouse computer expert can be costly, but last night I came across a great company called Safeguard IT Solutions based in the UK They offer an around the clock monitoring system that insures that your system will always be active and secure. “Gone are the days of an IT company on a break fix type scenario. People need and deserve something a little more premium for their buck.. Managed services manage your IT infrastructure on a … Continue reading IT Solutions

Just Amazing

I want to share another amazing product from That company called If This product is just perfect for both Readers and Writers. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the Digital Dictionary bookmark This award winning bookmark has the complete concise English dictionary stored within this slimline bookmark. Now most people when reading a book, will Google a word that they don’t understand the meaning of, which can stumble the flow of the book. Well not anymore because with this handy little bookmark it’s even more easier to find that word. And Authors! Say your own a vital part of your … Continue reading Just Amazing